Enabling cultivated meat

to scale exponentially

through next-generation


Ark is accelerating the cultivated meat revolution through creating industrial scale, affordable, and efficient bioreactors and operating systems.

We are on a mission to 100x the industry’s bioreactor capacity by 2035 - powering the most important infrastructure buildout of this generation to transform how people consume meat.

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There’s not enough bioreactor capacity to supply even 0.01% of global meat demand

Cultivated meat has the most significant potential to disrupt the conventional meat industry, but the infrastructure doesn’t exist – yet.

Today, production is costly, and there isn’t enough bioreactor capacity to handle global demand. For cultivated meat to reach the masses, the infrastructure will need to be cost-efficient and highly scalable.

Ark is enabling the industrial production of cultivated meat

Ark is a B2B company supplying the cultivated meat industry with industrial scale bioreactors, operating systems, and services to ensure a future in which cultivated meat is widely available and affordable.


Cutting-edge technology designed for scale, built for impact

At Ark we are designing next-generation technology for the cultivated meat industry.


Very large and highly-scalable bioreactors to enable cultivated meat plants to reach capacities 100x larger than pharma plants


Holistically working to reduce cost by an order of magnitude across the lifecycle of production, from the price to acquire, install, and commission the equipment to everyday expenses of operating an industrial process


Energy and resource-efficient systems designed to produce cells and structured tissues at high densities


Highly automated systems to allow for step-change reduction in operating costs while ensuring consistent operation


Revolutionary hardware and software

Our technology platforms are versatile; supporting cell expansion and tissue maturation for multiple cell types and product categories while significantly reducing CapEx and OpEx

  • Industrial scale
  • Low shear & high oxygen transfer to sustain high cell densities
  • Energy & resource efficient sterilization
  • Rapid installation and commissioning
  • Optimized design and scale-up through advanced modeling
  • Advanced sensors and model-based control
  • Intelligent decision making to handle most excursions
  • Efficient operation of a large facility by a small team
  • Continuous improvements from advanced data analytics

The cultivated meat revolution is here

A historic moment in food production

Cultivated meat is the most important landmark invention of our time, and bioreactors are critical to actualizing this historic change.

Single inventions have sparked tremendous change reverberating throughout the world. The printing press unlocked widespread access to knowledge, the electric lightbulb transformed the way we operate at night, and the internal combustion engine made possible new forms of transport.

Novel bioreactors are essential for creating a future that benefits the planet and its inhabitants. Through enabling mass production of cultivated meat, Ark is working to actualize a world where it can be said, “we once ate animals.”

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